CFOs Reveal: How many hours are CFOs working?

Just how many hours are CFOs really working in our hybrid world? CFO Magazine’s Nina Hendy set out to find out, and gather some tips for switching off.

Xuehui Chiu, CFO | SAP Australia & New Zealand

“Since moving to hybrid working, rather than working more or less, I’ve been able to work more flexibly and I’ve noticed I have greater autonomy over my time. I am enjoying how I’ve been able to unlock more quality time for strategic work. However, I have also been mindful of the need to maintain strong connections with my team, and the added effort required to coordinate and recreate informal encounters in a remote working environment. It’s been a learning curve for all of us but definitely a lot of good has come from shifting our perceptions around ways of working.”

Tip: In my view, the secret to finding work/life balance is to have a flexible mind and to be proactively engaged in uncovering what works for you individually. It is important to understand your own boundaries and as life changes, be flexible enough to realign to stay true to what works for you.

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