[Moved to media coverage]Progressive parliament good for technology industry, says SAP’s Damien Bueno

The diverse group of independents, Greens and progressive candidates elected to the new parliament bodes well for Australia’s tech industry and for its burgeoning sustainability efforts, according to one of the nation’s most senior technology executives.

Local president and managing director of German multinational enterprise giant SAP, Damien Bueno, said the new climate-focused parliament would mesh well with his company’s sustainability agenda, which included software to help businesses achieve net-zero emissions. The change also would help Australia’s technology sector more broadly.

“As far as the number of independents being elected and the Greens as well there’s clearly a mood for change,” Mr Bueno said. “And climate is very much at the heart of that. So for us that’s something we’re excited about, because both in the community we operate in Australia and as a global citizen, we’re very engaged with that topic and with creating solutions.

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