GreenToken listed in the Australian Financial Review’s 2022 Sustainability Leaders Awards


GreenToken has been named the innovation award winner for the 2022 Financial Review Sustainability Leaders -Technology, media & telecommunications category.

A telecom and digital networks giant committed to a cleaner future; a company using the blockchain to create supply chain transparency; a geospatial technology company focusing on increasing supply chain traceability and transparency; a telecom company offering a “green” mobile phone plan with one tree planted for every monthly payment; and an IT products and services business using data to help companies clean up their operations are Financial Review Sustainability Leaders in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications category. The list is compiled in association with consulting firm BCG.


Helping business better understand the potential consequences of all industry operations on the planet has seen GreenToken recognised as the sustainability innovator in the technology, media and telecommunications category.

What the company does is use digital twin tokens on a blockchain to create supply chain transparency.

It can account for blending of materials and trace origin, carbon footprint, circularity, sustainability and modern slavery status of commodities in an organisation’s supply chain.

 ‘[Our] technology can verify the origin of a company’s upstream raw material supply chain and attach interesting titbits of information such as whether a particular palm oil is sourced from a sustainable no-deforestation plantation.

Once this evidence has been established, GreenToken provides a “chain of custody” feature that tracks the material all the way to the end customer, even as it gets processed and transformed from a raw to semi-finished to a finished good.’ – James Veale, Co-founder of GreenToken by SAP.

Co-founder of GreenToken by SAP, James Veale

Co-founder of GreenToken by SAP, James Veale says the company focuses on supply chain transparency.

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