Businesses Embrace Sustainability to Drive Revenue Growth

Organisations are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their approach to sustainability, and data is the bedrock on which they are building their capabilities in this area. A robust tech platform is essential to this process.

When businesses can trust the information they have about their impacts on society and the world we live in, they are able to move from a compliance focus to being able to use sustainability information to develop new products and services to generate revenue.

Katri Bloomfield is SAP’s director of innovation and transformation. She explains sustainability is a journey and technology can support businesses on this voyage.

“Data is vital when it comes to the sustainability pathway, which starts with a business pinpointing its priorities. Many organisations are able to identify their sustainability goals and strategies. But then they need access to the right data to make decisions to back up their plans. They must also be able to trust this information, especially when they release it to the market for stakeholders to use and when they are developing new business lines with it,” she says.

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