The benefits of SAP sovereign cloud capabilities for regulated industries

The case for sovereign cloud capabilities 

The focus on supply chains, skills, and shifting trade and security alliances has increased over the past few years, bringing greater opportunities as well as disruption to society – and with that, increasing regulation in response.  

Many SAP customers are digitising their operations to manage the pace of change by leveraging advanced cloud applications and platforms, customers such as Toll Group, one of Asia Pacific’s leading transport and logistics companies.  

But evolving to digital data management raises new risks and concerns in government, regulated industries, and the public. So, how do we mitigate these risks? 

SAP sovereign cloud capabilities 

Those in highly regulated sectors and organisations seeking supply chain assurance have historically found it a challenge to fully leverage cloud advancements due to heightened regulatory, data sovereignty and cybersecurity requirements.  

At SAP, we understand that our customers have differing security risk profiles and we consider these when developing and assessing the right solution and cloud consumption models. 

This is why we are making a new set of SAP sovereign cloud capabilities available in Australia. 

Sovereign cloud capabilities from SAP meet the requirements of government and highly regulated industries, providing managed services and cloud solutions to Australian and New Zealand customers within the sovereign borders of Australia.   

They leverage hyperscaler portfolios that have been certified as Strategic through the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Hosting Certification Framework (HCF), and are assessed for up to and including PROTECTED workloads.    

For those customers that require a tailored solution supporting data sovereignty in Australia or the granting of an authority to operate to PROTECTED-level workloads – or in New Zealand, RESTRICTED level SAP’s sovereign cloud capabilities provide the solution. This approach ensures classified, business-critical, and personal data are not transferred outside Australia without explicit customer consent. 

Australians securing Australia 

Our sovereign cloud capabilities bring together extensive global public sector experience, including running a government cloud in the United States for more than 15 years, coupled with decades of partnership across Australian government agencies. 

And we are investing significantly in this opportunity in Australia – establishing hardened, secure facilities and creating up to 70 new full-time specialist roles to support general availability of SAP’s sovereign cloud capabilities in this nation.   

A customer-led approach  

We actively engage with the Australian Government and customers in highly regulated industries to ensure our offerings adapt to the Australian regulatory environment and our customers risk profiles.  

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about our SAP sovereign cloud capabilities, see here