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Susan Galer

SunPower Tears Down Silos to Build People Culture that Rocks

Feature Article — After expanding its global workforce by over 60 percent in just a few years, SunPower Corporation needed a talent management system to match its rapid...

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August 22, 2017 by Susan Galer 44

Teva Attracts Talent to Redefine Global Healthcare with SAP SuccessFactors

Feature Article — As healthcare costs continue to climb each year, generic medicines are a lifesaver for millions of people worldwide, especially those with chronic illnesses. Keeping generics...

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August 15, 2017 by Susan Galer 35

Businesses Need Bias Prevention Now More Than Ever

Feature Article — A lot has changed since SAP SuccessFactors launched its Customer Advisory Board to address workplace bias last year. For one thing, the workplace has emerged...

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August 8, 2017 by Susan Galer 167

Learn What It Takes to Make a Business Case for IoT

Feature Article — There’s a simple reason why companies need the Internet of Things (IoT) connecting information from machines and devices to people who work at all levels...

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August 3, 2017 by Susan Galer 534

5 Reasons You Need to Be at SAP TechEd 2017 If You’re a Software Innovator

Feature Article — Having just accepted my invitation to SAP TechEd Las Vegas, I reached out to several folks in the know to find out what’s most exciting...

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July 20, 2017 by Susan Galer 910

Building a Factory of the Future with SAP Leonardo and Fujitsu

Feature Article — One of the biggest mistakes companies can make on the road to connected manufacturing is taking ideas to developers while keeping decision-makers from the business...

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July 18, 2017 by Susan Galer 408

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