With SAP, DOMO Chemicals enhances Global Employee Experience and Performance

DOMO Chemicals, with headquarters in Ghent, is a global player active in 9 countries. A recent acquisition virtually doubled their workforce overnight increasing their employee count to 2100. While the acquisition solidifies DOMO Chemical’s position as a major player in the European market, it also brings on HR challenges.

A diversified HR strategy

Integrating 1000 new employees posed crucial challenges to the HR division, because the HR landscape across the organisation proved to be very diverse. “Coming from a more decentralised organisation structure, we found ourselves in a setup with different countries, different languages, varying HR tools, different processes, and different ways of working across the different legal entities and countries”, says Edyta Górecką, Chief Human Resources Officer at DOMO Chemicals. “In some countries we were still relying on manual processes and Excel files, which led to low data quality and consumed a considerable amount of HR employees’ time on basic HR operations”.

Think global and act local

DOMO Chemicals wanted to bring cohesion into the HR topics across the organization. For the HR Hub project they chose to work with SAP SuccessFactors, an HR management software system, to transform their business strategy into tangible business results. This company-wide system is a global platform standardised at all DOMO locations. The platform is designed to define processes at a global level without losing touch with local circumstances and local ownership. The platform aims at simplifying the HR processes and covers end-to-end people solutions. It also boasts features that improve employee experience and keep employees engaged.

HR Hub project

DOMO embarked on the HR Hub project with clear objectives in mind. First and foremost, the project wanted to place the business and employees at the core of HR activities. By investing in digitalisation and self-service solutions, the HR Hub project aimed to streamline processes and free up more time for HR professionals to support the business in achieving its strategic goals.

The HR Hub project strikes a balance between consistency and flexibility in HR operations and has contributed to increased user experience and performance for both employees and managers. This facilitates easy management of performance, feedback, and evaluation activities through the SuccessFactors modules. In addition, because SuccessFactors is considered the one and only master data system within DOMO, data synchronisation between different systems aids in strategic workforce planning. Further, the onboarding suite provides a personalised and engaging experience, informing new employees about the organisation and its values. Lastly, the HR Hub project enables improved compensation, recruitment, and learning initiatives to detect, retain, and develop key talents within the company.

Teamwork and preparation

The project was efficiently launched within the planned 2-year timeframe and budget, despite the complexity of multiple countries, modules, and languages. Collaboration with flexible partners, shared planning, and a structured, hands-on team ensured successful system implementation.

Making a positive contribution

Domo Chemicals has the ambition to push the chemical and plastics industry further, having made a transition from being a standard polyamide product provider to becoming a global material engineered materials company. “Our DOMO vision for the future is to make a positive contribution to society by creating value for all stakeholders. Ultimately, we want to connect talent and creativity for a better world”, Górecką concludes.

This project has won the Bronze Best of Customer Success Award 2023 in the category Business Transformation.

SAP Best of Customer Success Awards 2023 – DOMO

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SAP Best of Customer Success Awards 2023 - DOMO