Finance in the driver’s seat of your transformation journey – Finance Inspiration Series

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Episode 1 – May 20, 8.30 AM 

Monitoring the corporate pulse, keeping an eye on plans, budgets and costs, reporting results – it could be a definition of the finance department in your company. But over the years, the role of Finance has been changing gradually. Just think on how analytics and other digital tools have drastically shifted finance processes. Today, it is due to change further and faster thanks to developments in innovation and technology.

“Keeping the lights on” is still very important, but the way to do so has changed significantly.  The role of the CFO has moved away from the traditional focus on accountancy and finance issues. A CFO has become a strategic business adviser, increasingly engaging with external stakeholders. The CFO reports no longer from a financial perspective, he also takes other factors into account.

Today’s CFOs or finance leaders are expected to play a leading role in accelerating strategic growth across the company. That’s easier said than done in these disruptive times and ever-changing business landscape. As resources and talent are constantly evolving, agility becomes the key to success. Leading CFOs are driving intelligent finance transformation initiatives to achieve this agility and their organizations are benefitting from their efforts.

Being in the driver’s seat of a company’s transformation journey means that CFOs and financial leaders need to fulfill different roles: the 4 Ps of a CFO.

The PROCESS role

Maximize efficiency and ensure the smooth running of the business

The PARTNER role

The CFO as a strategic partner to steer the business

The PROTECT role

Manage and safeguard the business and assets

The PRESENT role

Manage performance and report to the markets

In a webinar series of four episodes, Thomas BehrensCFO SAP EMEA North – will share his perspective on the different CFO roles. Several Belgian companies will share their experience on how they use technology to be successful.

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