Fundação Amazonas Sustentável optimizes data analysis with SAP Lumira

Non-governmental organization uses SAP solution, expands analysis capacity and optimizes services for about 40 thousand residents of more than 500 Amazônia riverside communities

Manaus – SAP Brazil has just completed a project carried out in conjunction with Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS), a non-governmental and non-profit organization that works to preserve the environment and improve the lives of about 40 thousand residents of 576 riverside and indigenous communities in Amazônia. With SAP Brazil’s help, FAS started using SAP Lumira, a technological solution that not only gives it analysis tools and data visualization, but it is also simple to use and implement, eliminating the need of high investments in infrastructure and maintenance.

According to Virgílio Viana, FAS Chairman, the organization needed a solution to provide more agility and accuracy in the analysis and evaluation of indicators and metrics. “Not only to optimize actions, but also to increase transparency,” said Virgílio. With the lead of SAP’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area in the partnership, 80 FAS employees now rely on SAP Lumira solution to analyze data and direct actions and investments in the region.

The foundation’s old system stored data relating to the programs in a decentralized way, making the data analysis process more time-consuming. “In addition, the fact that data was decentralized made it difficult not only the project management, but also the communication with partners. Moreover, Lumira allows us to assure more transparency and efficiency on the use of resources and investments,” explained Virgílio.

FAS and SAP experts have defined together that SAP Lumira was the ideal solution to meet the institution’s demands. “It’s a business intelligence tool that we call self-service: the customer sets the visualization and metrics to be configured. From then on, any user can access and analyze the data. It does not require any technical knowledge,” explained Rogério Ceccato, SAP Brazil presales manager.

SAP donated SAP Lumira to FAS as part of the project led by the CSR area. Led by three SAP professionals, 12 representatives of FAS project areas and three specialists of the integration partner Ramos Sistemas, the implementation was completed in four months.  The experts consolidated all data in SAP Lumira in less than a month and configured ten panels for visualization in the cloud. “SAP Lumira running in the cloud ensures more stability and availability for the solution, besides requiring lower investment in infrastructure and being simpler to maintain and having better cost efficiency”, said Renato Amaro, an executive of SAP’s Center of Excellence in Analytics.

Currently, FAS employees and managers insert all the information about the communities and projects directly in SAP Lumira. In addition to the ten panels configured initially, the managers can easily create new visualizations, indicators, metrics and data analysis options according to their needs. “Today, we have data centralized and available for real-time analysis, even when we’re talking about communities hours away from the capital by boat,” Viana celebrated.

“Data that took more than two weeks previously to be consolidated can be visualized today in real time, such as the data collection for reports to be submitted to Norway’s Minister of Environment and Climate, Tine Sundtoft, during her visit to FAS in September. In addition, we are able to analyze them and make projections”, said the executive. SAP Lumira has enabled FAS to consolidate and analyze data quickly, ensuring more efficient and preventive actions. “We are also able to identify more efficient improvement indicators for income generation, health and education,” exemplified Viana, remembering that there are communities that are several weeks away from the capital Manaus by boat.

Now FAS counts on SAP Lumira to consolidate data about the communities. The managers have a complete visualization of who are the people assisted by the institution – how many children, how many adults, the gender, and assistance records of its social development, health and education projects. “We know how many and where the people are, and what their real needs are. Lumira enables us to organize data. In the Early Childhood project, for example, we detected the need to ask volunteers to enter data in the system and follow them in real time. We also follow the evolution of projects in detail, making more and more right decisions,” said Viana. “With this, we optimize investments, prioritize actions and ensure the most efficient and effective assistance to more than 40 thousand people benefited by FAS in an area of 10.8 million hectares,” completed Viana.

“Seeing good results in a project like this and in an NGO with a work so impactful is very rewarding. Besides being a professional challenge, it’s pleasant to see the satisfaction on the managers’ face, because of the chance of having information treated to ensure better and faster decisions,” said Ceccato. After having SAP Lumira implemented and enabling the managers and users to configure new visualizations, indicators and metrics according to FAS demands, in order to optimize the use of the SAP solution, the proposal of the CSR area is expanding its use to support the foundation’s management.

About FAS

Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS) is a Brazilian non-governmental and non-profit organization of state and federal public interest (Ordinance MJ nº 3.098 of 09/26/2013). It was created on December 20, 2007, by a partnership between the Government of the state of Amazonas and Banco Bradesco. Later, it started to count on the support of Coca-Cola Brazil (2009), Amazon Fund/BNDES (2010) and Samsung (2010), in addition to other partnerships for programs and projects. The FAS mission is promoting the sustainable engagement, the environmental conservation and the improvement of the life quality of riverside communities if the state of Amazonas. The main initiatives are implemented through the Programa Bolsa Floresta (Forest Allowance Program), Programa de Educação e Saúde (Health and Education Program), and Programa de Soluções Inovadoras (Innovative Solution Program). In 2014, FAS assisted 576 riverside communities in the state of Amazonas, benefiting more than 40 thousand people.

FAS Awards: ODM Brasil, Von Martius de Sustentabilidade, among others.


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