Bridging the Skills Gap: Work Redefined

Radiocasts | May 31, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: “Good help is hard to find.”

Is this how you explain your company’s talent shortage? News flash!

Our experts say YOU may be the problem.

Dr. Steven T. Hunt at SuccessFactors: “High performing, highly skilled professionals want to work for companies that value and invest in them – and they will even forego some level of financial reward to work on what might be called ‘cool stuff.’

Kevin Wheeler at Future of Talent Institute: “There is only a temporary talent shortage, primarily caused by a lack of imagination and an over-reliance on yesterday’s thinking and technology… jobs need to be redesigned to meet emerging needs, attitudes and lifestyles.”

Derek Singleton at Software Advice: “We are only beginning to see the impact that automation and robotics will have on completely altering our concepts of what people can and should do.”

Join us for Bridging the Skills Gap: Work Redefined.

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