NHL’s Vancouver Canucks Personalizing Fan Experiences with SAP

SAP Newsbyte — 15 November 2016— The National Hockey League’s (NHL) Vancouver Canucks are using software from SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) to gain a deeper understanding of their fans using data, enabling them to provide more personalized fan experiences. With SAP Hybris Marketing and SAP Cloud 4 Customer, both powered by in-memory database platform SAP HANA®, the Canucks are delivering more relevant services to the 3.2 million fans they reach digitally and more than 18,000 attending each NHL game.

The Canucks represent the largest hockey market in Western Canada. Before implementing SAP, they were seeking a way to create more complete fan profiles and segmentation, which would allow them to tailor fan experiences based on greater personal and demographic insight.

“The rise of big data and social media presents a unique opportunity for sports franchises, in that sports fans are particularly open to and passionate about engaging with their teams. This means it’s possible for teams to build a powerful real-time picture of what their fans want and will respond to, right down to an individual level,” said John Graham, Managing Director, SAP Canada.

“Understanding fan sentiment and using that to personalize the experience is not only about making fans happier, but also about helping sales and marketing reach them more meaningfully to maximize revenue opportunities. I believe it’s something we’ll see more NHL teams adopt as they witness the value in what the Canucks are doing.”

The Canucks’ SAP implementation, executed by ECENTA, a recognized SAP Implementation Partner, includes the following features:

  • Fan Scoring – Identifying, defining, and scoring fan segments to enable more intelligent fan marketing and engagement.
  • Membership Churn – Real-time insights into fan propensity to attend games, engage with the organization and renew season tickets.
  • Automated Campaigns – Marketing and sales activities, such as email deal alerts and reminders based on previous fan engagement, are automated.
  • Sales Intelligence – Fan insights (e.g. favorite player) enable sales and customer service representatives to have more relevant conversations with fans and create stronger relationships.

“We are thrilled to have the Vancouver Canucks join SAP as the latest sports team using our Hybris Marketing technology”, says Frank Wheeler, Region VP and General Manager for SAP Sports and Entertainment, North America. “This will provide them with the tools needed to gain better visibility of their fans and drive deeper fan engagement. Other sports organizations such as the San Jose Sharks, the New York Yankees and the NHL league office are also using this technology, and it’s exciting to be helping these innovative organizations run better.”

The Canucks plan to build on their understanding of fan sentiment in the near future, targeting the collection and analysis of more data from social media platforms to determine fan demands and expectations.

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