Changing Role of the CIO: The I’s Have It

Radiocasts | October 31, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

What’s in a name? Plenty, for today’s CIO. Why? The role is changing so much, so often that it’s hard to know what the “I” means at any time. The experts speak.

Steve Romero: “Calls for the ‘new CIO’ are not new at all. CIO Magazine’s State of the CIO ’07 survey resulted in the identification of four distinct CIO archetypes: Business Leader, Innovation Agent, Operational Expert, Turnaround Artist. In 2011, its 4 Personas of the Next Generation CIO were Chief Infrastructure Officer…Integration Officer…Intelligence Officer…Innovation Officer.”

Nigel Fenwick: “Marketing is the biggest opportunity for IT since the Internet.”

Martin Heisig: “To go boldly where no one has gone before. This is what today’s IT leaders have to do. Consumerization of IT is the new innovation driver. I have to make my end users a core part of my IT design processes. I have to know what consumers want next because they will want it soon in the enterprise.”

Join us for the Changing Role of the CIO: The I’s Have It.

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