Charge! Driving Global Electro-mobility

Radiocasts | November 14, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Charge! If you’re a greenie eying an EV (electric vehicle) as your next car, there’s a lot to consider: battery pack size, driving range of plug-in hybrids like C-Max Energi or Volt vs. all-electric Leaf, power grid impacts, ongoing costs and more. The experts say:

Christine Hertzog: “A consumer-centric EV market maturity model could help accelerate EV adoption.”

Alaa Owaineh: “The gradual electrification of transport is coming, increasing the demand for power at a time when utilities are under immense pressure. What impact will electric vehicles have on their business, and what do they mean for smart grid investment?”

Sam Jaffe: “Teach your mouth to say ‘I don’t know’ and then progress will be made.” — Maimonides

Maurizio Cattaneo: “In the more densely populated areas of the world, electric vehicles will soon make up 10-15% of the vehicles on the road. They may not sound like many, but if all would charge at the same time, today’s electricity grid would not be able to cope and blackouts would be almost inevitable.”

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