Cloud Computing – 3 Trends to Watch in 2014

Feature Article | February 28, 2014 by Tim Clark

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

Market watchers predict cloud spending will increase five to seven times, outpacing overall tech spending, in the next three years. But cloud adoption will no longer be driven solely by the promise of lower IT costs. Businesses will move to the cloud for different reasons than in the past, according to Tim Minahan, Chief Marketing Officer, SAP Cloud. Here are three more trends Minahan highlighted during a recent SAP Radio broadcast, “Game Changers 2014 Predictions Part 3”.

1. Not everything will move to the cloud

As companies accelerate cloud adoption in 2014 and beyond, they aren’t getting rid of everything. Instead, they will look to extend their existing technology investments. Deutsche Bank is a prime example. As keynoters of the upcoming Ariba Live event, Deutsche Bank will talk about how they extended the SAP environment with Ariba Cloud Apps and Ariba Networks to connect and collaborate with over 4,500 suppliers around the globe. “Not only will this enable Deutsche Bank  to conduct fully automated transactions processing in collaboration with those partners but also to enable them to manage their cash in innovative ways that were impossible in a solely on-premise world,” said Minahan.

2. Innovation will trump total cost of ownership

The days of building a business to move to the cloud based solely on TCO are over. “Companies are looking to invest in the cloud as their innovation platform as a way to achieve new processes and insights to be able to run their business in an entirely new way – not just to do the same old things using a different delivery model,” said Minahan. T-Mobile, for instance, is surrounding its core on-premise CRM environment with cloud applications to engage customers in a new model for social care. T-Mobile is not just responding to customer requests through traditional channels, but they are actively listening to customers on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere in order to improve their overall customer satisfaction and renewals. “They have a much better net score than bigger brands by engaging customers where they are and responding to their issues quickly,” said Minahan.

3. Platform matters

Businesses will scrutinize big picture IT environments and drive simplification across all layers of the stack. “They will also look at broader cloud processes and expect these applications to look, perform, and interact with each other seamlessly on a common cloud platform that unifies all their applications, data, and business processes in a similar user experience.”

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