Cloud As Game-Changer: Meet the Experts

Radiocasts | May 3, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: The cloud.

When SAP SVP Rainer Zinow meets with customers and partners, “The same issues come up time and time again: What exactly is the cloud?” On our debut show, Rainer and other cloud experts answer that question and more.

Bill McNee, Saugatuck Technology: “Today’s businesses and individuals are less encumbered by constraints of time and place, doing their work through a new array of time- and location-independent computing capabilities – Cloud, Mobile, Social and Data Analytics plus Integration.”

Kamesh Pemmaraju, Dell: “Traditional businesses of all kinds – even those that don’t define themselves as technology companies – can benefit from cloud innovations to improve productivity and agility, reduce costs…and compete globally with larger companies.”

Dr. Steve Hodgkinson, Ovum: “Cloud computing is emerging as a powerful new trend in the IT industry…cloud services are usually better, faster and less expensive. They do what they say on the label.”

Join us as we look skyward to the cloud on Cloud As Game-Changer: Meet the Experts.

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