The Cloud: Right-Sized Game-Changer for Your Company

Radiocasts | July 19, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: The cloud.

True or False: Your company is too large – or too small – for cloud computing. Answer: False! Learn why from our panelists:

Sina Moatamed: “Enterprises that are willing transform into lean, agile, and highly competitive organizations will understand and embrace the cloud regardless of their size or industry. Cloud will finally weave IT into the fabric of business.”

David Sweetman: “The scalability, affordability, consistency and accessibility of cloud solutions is good for large and small companies.”

Steve Romero: “Large enterprises could be making a huge mistake by ‘playing it safe’ and steering clear of ‘risky’ cloud computing while their SMB (small and medium-size business) counterparts go ‘all-in on the cloud’ – taking advantage of low barriers-to-entry, cost-savings, agility, flexibility and the ability to drive rapid business innovation.”

Tune in for more of their expert insights on The Cloud: Right-Sized Game-Changer for Your Company.

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