Get the Customer Experience Edge: Ten Ways to Wow ‘Em

Radiocasts | January 25, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Whether you’re a start-up or a seasoned company, you’re facing the hard facts of today’s customer experience: it’s a perpetual-motion target and it’s your new competitive battleground.

Given these challenges – plus your tight time and tighter budgets – how can you slide the sensitive customer satisfaction needle in the right direction to motivate your employees and satisfy your executives?

Tune in for Ten Quick Wins you can implement now and see benefits in the near-term – really! Customer Relationship Management (CRM) experts Reza Soudagar, Vinay Iyer, and Dr. Volker G. Hildebrand will share nuggets of wisdom from chapter 10 of their book, The Customer Experience Edge: Technology and Techniques for Delivering an Enduring, Profitable, and Positive Experience for Your Customers.

Pour a cup of Joe, Earl, or OJ and join us for food for thought as we present the top ten on-ramps to the customer experience freeway.

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