Decisions, Decisions: Virtualization or Private Cloud?

Radiocasts | June 7, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Cloud computing: a positively disruptive innovation offering opportunities for every business – including yours. Today our experts discuss virtualization and the private cloud.

SAP’s Jeff Anders: “There are a lot of misperceptions about virtualization and cloud computing, based on outdated information.”

Deloitte’s Scott Wall: “Virtualization is a key step in creating a private cloud or internal cloud-like capabilities that can enhance the business.”

Dell’s Kamesh Pemmaraju: “Corporate data centers are not going away. Cloud computing is not the end of IT.”

Ovum’s Roy Illsley: “Cloud maturity is like a troublesome teenager. It could do a lot for you but it has difficulty when faced with choices: tidy the room or another match on FIFA2012?”

Join us for Decisions, Decisions: Virtualization or Private Cloud?

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