TM Software new Icelandic partner for SAP

To meet the increasing demand for advanced business systems from the Icelandic companies TM Software in Reykjavik is new official partner with world leading ERP-supplier SAP

KøbenhavnIcelandic companies are growing rapidly and becoming more competitive every day. The companies have become international orientated and are operating both domestically and abroad. This has brought up a new need for different business solutions e.g. need for financial consolidation, multiple currencies and various other issues that international companies are facing.

SAP´s expansion into the small and mid-market business applications space based on the SAP All in One solutions opens the door to huge business opportunities for integrated business solutions. As a result of that SAP has strengthened the partner channel in Iceland by nominating TM Software as the only second Icelandic SAP-Partner:

“We have recognized the need for an Icelandic partner to support the small and mid-market and SAP’s product offerings in this segment. TM Software is a well-known IT-company that has been working with hosted SAP solutions for years. The employees have exceptional skills and the company’s sense for quality and customer needs is outstanding,” said SAP Denmark Director of Sales, Jens Bager.

Instead of focusing primarily on large enterprises SAP has started to approach small and medium sized businesses. This is very relevant in Iceland since the majority of the Icelandic companies are quite small, and it is therefore a grand opportunity to market SAP solutions in Iceland. This is an opportunity TM Software will seize.

“For several years TM Software has hosted SAP systems and we want to increase our services to new as well as existing customers. We want to offer SAP consulting services to the growing customers with an incipient international focus. We want to be initiative and be ready to assist our customers in any way we can,” says TM Software CEO Ágúst Einarsson.

The TM Software staff has vast experience with SAP solutions – both overall computer and software knowledge as well as specialized SAP experience which have been achieved through training and participating in SAP projects with customers.

“As a fully-grown software house we can provide massive add-on functionality to the SAP solution as well as integration knowledge and B2B solutions. Our market focus is horizontal yet we take special care of e.g. utilities, retail, logistics and service companies,” says Ágúst Einarsson

About TM Software
TM Software, headquarted in Iceland, is a privately held, international software company. With offices in 4 countries and 260 employees, the company serves over 1,200 customers in more than 20 countries on four continents. TM Software has been recognised as one of Europe’s most progressive companies for several years on the Europe’s 500 list.
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