Double-Digit ProServe Growth: Managing Success

Radiocasts | May 24, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: Growth.

The economic forecast is rosy for professional services aka ProServe firms. Why?

The cloud, says THINKstrategies’ Jeff Kaplan. “While often easier to use than traditional on-premise apps, cloud solutions still require specialized skills that most internal IT and SW development organizations don’t have. This has opened up a great opportunity for professional services firms.”

But double-digit growth has a price, notes Service Performance Insight’s Dave Hofferberth. “In 2012 ProServe revenues will top 10%, headcount growth will top 10%, hourly bill rates will increase by over 10%, and employee attrition will be over 10%. The strains on these organizations will be enormous.”

How to survive? “Managing a ProServe firm’s knowledgebase is more critical than ever,” says SAP’s David Sweetman.

Join us are we explore Double-Digit ProServe Growth: Managing Success.

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