Fakes, Frauds, Scams: Who’s Winning? – Part 2

Radiocasts | April 30, 2014 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: Fraud.

With today’s sophisticated detection and prevention technology, you’d think we would be able stop the bad guys and gals from stealing our money and identities, cheating companies and consumers.

Alas, industrious cybercriminals are busy this very second devising clever new schemes to attack vulnerable merchants and consumers, creating innocuous-looking blogs and referral sites, targeting chat forums and social media, infecting e-cards.

Your organization can’t afford to not be both vigilant and resistant to the risk of corporate fraud.

The experts speak.

Prakash Santhana, Deloitte: “When the proverbial ‘it’ hits the fan – will you be ready? Because it will…it is only a question of time!”

Vincent Walden, Ernst & Young: “Big risks require big data thinking.”

Mike Kosonog, Deloitte: “’More Data, More Opportunities.’ This tag-line seems to cut two ways.”

Michael Lortz, SAP: “The data doesn’t lie…or does it?”

Join us for Fakes, Frauds, Scams: Who’s Winning? – Part 2 on Coffee Break with Game-Changers Radio, presented by SAP.

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