SAP Offers Innovative Approach to Faster Business Software Adoption for Midsize Companies

New Fast-Start Program for SAP® Business All-in-One Provides Pre-Configured Offerings with Easy Online Configuration to Deliver Rapid Business Results and Lower TCO

Walldorf, GermanyFurther delivering on its commitment to meet the diverse needs of small businesses and midsize companies, SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced a new fast-start program for its proven SAP® Business-All-in-One solutions. The program targets midsize companies in the manufacturing, services and trade industries and provides them with the pre-configured industry-specific processes needed to streamline and gain visibility into their core business operations. Coupled with SAP MaxDB, the SAP database product, and free choice of operating system, the offering even helps to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for an on-premise business solution. Innovative online configuration enables prospects to tailor the solution to their business requirements and receive a comprehensive cost estimate* for the complete SAP Business All-in-One solution – all before they get started. Already available in Austria, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland, the fast-start program will be rolled out in additional countries worldwide throughout 2008.

Customers Achieve Immediate Business Value

For midsize companies that require an integrated, configurable and extensible on-premise business solution with deep industry capabilities, SAP Business All-in-One is the software solution of choice. With the new fast-start program, SAP takes an additional step toward providing innovative ways for customers to easily access leading-edge enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology and achieve faster time to value, all while providing long-term protection of the customers’ investment. The program enables companies to get industry-specific business processes up and running quickly and make better-informed business decisions based on greater visibility across their operations. With a clearly defined set of pre-configured industry processes, implementation is fast and more predictable. Based on the state-of-the-art SAP® ERP application, the SAP Business All-in-One solution will easily scale to customers’ changing business needs.

With the easy-to-use online solution configurator (please visit the SAP Business All-in-One online configurator), prospects can quickly configure SAP Business All-in-One to their business needs and immediately receive a cost estimate* for software licenses, service and implementation as well as required hardware. SAP or a local qualified partner with corresponding industry expertise will then counsel the prospective customer on next steps.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership Key for Software Investment Decision
Whatever their business models, industries or geographic locations, midsize companies share a common need for low TCO, predictability of the project scope and deployment time, and long-term protection of their investment. Already successfully established with midsize customers in several markets, SAP is taking yet another innovative approach to shorten the evaluation cycle and offer prospective customers instant cost transparency. SAP is rolling out the solution configurator for SAP Business All-in-One in selected markets worldwide to further support customers in the evaluation and configuration process. The solution configurator is accessible over the Web and enables a prospective customer to define its industry-specific ERP need in four easy steps, resulting in a solution blueprint and estimated cost for software licenses, service and implementation as well as hardware components.

To further recognize customer demands for lower TCO, SAP is offering SAP Business All-in-One as a complete, pre-tested solution with the company’s own database, SAP MaxDB, which is cost-effective, high-performance, low maintenance and optimized for SAP solutions. SAP MaxDB noticeably helps to lower TCO by helping to reduce system administration time, training and staffing costs. An automated installation capability enables reduction of TCO for companies and enables partners to sharpen their focus on adding value for the customer.

“With this pre-tested, automated installer, we were able to considerably reduce the installation time for the pre-configured industry solution, including database, operating system and the SAP ERP application,” said Dr. Frank Peinemann at SAP Channel Partner BTC AG in Bremen, Germany. “Time-consuming customization was omitted and the system was up and running within a short period of time.”

While the innovations from the fast-start program for SAP Business All-in-One can provide customers with rapid time to value and low TCO, they also offer freedom of choice. Customers can tailor the solution to their business requirements by simply selecting the pre-configured industry-specific processes, knowing that they can extend the solution at any time as their business grows. Customers are also free to choose their operating system – whether SUSE Linux Enterprise from Novell, Unix or another operating system – to help ensure maximum compatibility with overall IT architecture.

“As one of the market leaders in the SME space, we understand that one size does not fit all,” said Robert Vetter, senior vice president, SME Business Development, SAP France. “We are, therefore, continually innovating and offering customers easy ways to start quickly, see early results and be assured of a solution that can grow as their business needs change. SAP, together with our partners, is always working on innovations to deliver fast value and achieve the lowest possible TCO for our customers. The fast-start program for SAP Business All-in-One is another great example of how we are delivering on this promise.”

*Cost estimate is an SAP estimation only and not valid for partners; partners cost estimation may differ

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