SAP Expands and Supports Ecosystem by Rewarding Companies Worldwide for New Business Recommendations

WALLDORF, GermanySAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced the launch of a globally unified, consistent referral program that will reward referrals from both SAP partners and non-partners in the small business and midsize companies market segment. The SAP Referral program offers companies an easy way to begin to work with SAP. Additionally, it enables SAP to identify potential users of its software solutions by offering transparent and timely rewards to an expanded set of participants, including members of the SAP ecosystem and other constituencies, for leveraging their business relationships to refer prospects to SAP. The new sales program is ideally suited for value-added resellers (VAR), solution resellers (SR) and independent software vendors (ISV) who may or may not currently be authorized SAP channel partners, as well as alliance partners, technology and business consultants, accountancy practices and ecosystems of companies working with SAP. For these companies, the program can be the first step in a long-term partnership with SAP.

Referral members are rewarded when a deal is closed; in general, five percent of the deal’s net software license value is paid as a closing reward. The program is easily accessible and requires only a one-time online registration. Once registered, members can securely enter the program through a dedicated referral member portal. Members can quickly access program information via the portal, and can also register opportunities and access regular status updates on the referred lead. The SAP Referral program portal provides exclusive sales materials on the complete portfolio of SAP® solutions for small business and midsize companies, along with opportunity qualification tools and e-learning sessions. A clear set of eligibility rules forms the basis of the SAP Referral program in order to secure transparency and compliance with legal requirements and business ethics.

To find out more about the SAP Referral program, go to http://www.sap.com/ecosystem/partners/referral/index.epx.

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