Future of Business Transformation: Insight-Driven Innovation

Radiocasts | May 1, 2014 by Bonnie D. Graham

The buzz: Transformation.

No longer just personal, “Reinvent yourself” is a mantra in business plans, driven by technology advancements, scarcity, B2B and B2C relationships. Whether you see business transformation as art, science or both, your survival depends on getting it right. The experts speak.

Eric Lowitt, Nexus Global Advisors ““Be as uncomfortable as possible for as long as possible.” (College guidance counselor on the eve of Eric’s study abroad in Japan)

Patrick Heffernan, TBR: ““Sometimes pumpkins look like oranges.” (Wisdom from a 3-year-old)

Sunil Patel, SAP: “Many organizations today do not feel that they have the capability to become a Digital Enterprise. Their spend is mostly maintaining what they have, rather than innovating. With so many changes pushing them to this digital future – Internet of Things, Big Data, Changing Workforce – they need new strategies to modernize and innovate simultaneously.”

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