Future of Education: Teaching Our Kids to Think!

Radiocasts | October 24, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Education. What will it take to equip our kids to function, survive and succeed in a tech-driven world? The experts speak.

Kim Jones/ Curriki: “Memorization will take a backseat to problem solving and complex thinking – 21st century skills and project-based learning.”

Kim Saxe/ The Nueva School: “The Internet and technology (such as Skype) supports the teaching of more open-ended and complex projects than ever before.”

Curtis Johnson/ “Disrupting Class” author: “The role of teachers will see profound changes – all good… from a qualified source of knowledge dispensing information to largely passive students (in rows of desks) to planners, facilitators, and coaches in the learning process.”

Neeru Khosla/CK-12 Foundation: “We no longer need textbooks.”

John Mayerhofer/SAP: “Technology will enable schools and other institutions, essentially experience providers, to cost-effectively facilitate personalized student-centered learning for today’s learners and an additional 3 billion new minds.”

Join us for Future of Education: What Kids Really Need to Succeed.

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