Game-Changing Innovation: Can Smart Grid Keep the Lights On for Utilities?

Radiocasts | March 14, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Utilities. We only think about them when we flip a switch and the power doesn’t come on—right?

But utilities are businesses that must play to win in a competitive global arena with infrastructure, government, supply, economic and customer challenges.

Ovum’s Stuart Ravens warns, “Business and technology pressures are combining to create a virtuous—or vicious—cycle disrupting the utility business model. Utilities are struggling.”

How will they survive?

The Smart Grid Library’s Christine Hertzog helps utilities succeed in the Smart Grid ecosystem.

Roque Marinho at COBB EMC is a fan. “The Smart Grid is the next frontier for all utilities. They have to do it now or later.”

But James McClelland, SAP Utilities and Energy Industry, notes, “The Smart Grid movement is real, but will only achieve its goals if utilities improve their relationship with end customers to properly market and reward energy efficiency.”

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