Gamification: Filling the Customer Expectation vs Sales Gap

Radiocasts | April 9, 2014 by Bonnie D. Graham

The buzz: Game on!

We’ve always been drawn to games in our leisure time, from Senet (Egypt), Mahjong (China), dice (Iran, India) to Monopoly (US), and videogames.

But while we were having fun, gaming became a serious player in the arenas of formal learning, workplace productivity and even sales.

We’ve heard that 70% of the top 2000 companies plan to use gamification (term coined in 2002 by Nick Pelling) by 2015. Are you in it to win it?

The experts speak.

Prof. Ashok Ranchhod, Games Design Hub: “Curiosity may have killed the cat, so we should love and respect it. For without curiosity and imagination, we would all be the living dead.”

Gopal RajGuru, Innovate+Grow Group: “Gamification has its place … but some things are difficult to put into a meaningful game that both entertains and educates.”

Philipp Herzig, SAP: “The opposite of play is not work, it’s depression” (Brian Sutton-Smith, play theorist, game researcher)

Join us for Gamification: Filling the Customer Expectation vs Sales Gap.

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