GRC: Risky Business: Time for Governance

Radiocasts | July 4, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Risk. A fact of business life today. What is your company doing about it? Hear what our experts say.

Dr. Parveen Gupta: “Today, nothing is more fundamental to business and more vexing to a company’s directors than effective risk governance…a failure in risk oversight could be interpreted by the regulators and the courts as a breach of fiduciary duty by the Board.”

Barry Murphy: “Good information governance allows companies to get value out of information while minimizing the costs associated with information events like litigation or regulatory requests.”

Fiona Williams: “Every organization will face uncertainty and risk – the effectiveness of how you deal with governance, risk and compliance (GRC) is what separates market leaders.”

Bruce McCuaig: “Risk management practices are too often failing to meet the value test…Practitioners are looking for the wrong risks in all the wrong places.”

Join us for more insights – and solutions – on Risky Business: Time for Governance.

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