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Greta Roberts CEO and Co-founder, Talent Analytics Corp.

Greta Roberts, Talent Analytics, Corp., CEO and Co-founder, is an acknowledged influencer in the field of predictive workforce analytics. Her continued vision is to bridge the gap between the business, predictive analytics and workforce communities.

Since co-founding Talent Analytics in 2001, Greta has established Talent Analytics, Corp. as the globally recognized leader in predicting an individual’s performance, pre-hire.

Greta has a unique approach for innovating and staying ahead of the curve. Talent Analytics continues to be one of the only firms in the world directly predicting business outcomes (sales performance, # of calls, errors, and the like) instead of HR outcomes.

In addition to being a contributing author to numerous predictive analytics books, Greta is regularly invited to comment in the media and speak at high end predictive analytics and business events around the world.

Greta is the Chair of Predictive Analytics World for Workforce, a Faculty Member with the International Institute for Analytics (IIA) and is a member of the INFORMS Analytics Certification Board.


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