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Jim Fields Vice President of Customer Experience Marketing, SAP

Jim Fields is Vice President of Customer Experience Marketing for SAP. In this role, Jim is responsible for innovating new models of engagement and generally finding margin between the organizational silos.

Jim is a frequent blogger, brand journalist, speaker at industry events, and mentor to early talent.


The Future of Social Selling: 2015 Surprises, 2016 Predictions

The buzz: Stargazing.  Since this series debuted in September 2015, we’ve discussed the state of Social Selling, strategies for a Social Selling program, and Social…

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Social Selling 101: All Aboard!

The buzz: The NBT for Sales?  The term “Sales 2.0” was coined nearly a decade ago by Nigel Edelshain. Soon after, the buzzword “Social Selling”…

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Social Selling – Part 2: The Future of Sales?

The buzz: We’ve Got The Blues! Global WebIndex [] reports that 28% of time spent online – averaging 1.72 hours/day – is on social platforms,…

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Social Selling: Is Your Quota A Click Away?

The buzz: Quota! A 2013 Aberdeen Social Selling study revealed that 64% of sales teams using Social Selling met their quota, compared to 49% who ignored…

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SAP Radio Host

Bonnie D. Graham

A talk radio and cable TV broadcast journalist since 1995, media producer / host Bonnie D. Graham created and launched SAP Coffee Break with Game-Changers Radio in Fall 2011. Since then, she has developed 20 additional themed Game-Changers radio series for SAP. On each episode, Bonnie moderates a panel of thought leaders, practitioners, journalists and / or educators from across the business spectrum and the globe, to share timely technology and strategy insights for businesses of all sizes, industries, geographies, and maturities. Bonnie is on the SAP Editorial Experience / News Services team. Follow her programs on Twitter #SAPRadio.

Connect with Bonnie D. Graham: @bizbreakradio

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