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Kathleen Stroia Senior Vice President, Womens Tennis Association, WTA

In her role as Senior Vice President for the WTA, Kathleen Stroia has been responsible for supervising the Sport Sciences & Medicine and Transitions staff and overseeing all departmental functions, including development, budgets, marketing efforts, setting policy/procedures, and health and medical services for WTA players and events. In her time with the WTA, she has developed and expanded the department’s individual programs, which has included establishing standards for tournament physicians, and the implementation of research projects related to tennis, injury prevention, women’s health issues and new high performance/sports medicine products.

She was also instrumental to developing and implementing the Age Eligibility Rule and Player Development program initiatives since its inception in 1994. Stroia’s exceptional involvement with the Sport Sciences & Medicine department at the WTA has led it to become one of the most highly recognized programs and a leader in the professional sporting world that aims to enhance career performance, safety, fulfillment and longevity of female tennis athletes. Stroia also facilitated the launching of the Transitions program in 2010, which provides sophisticated education, training and career guidance to maximize opportunities for athletes during and after their tennis careers.

A native of Merrillville, Indiana, Stroia earned a B.S. in Sports Sciences/Athletic Training, an M.S. degree in Athletic Training and a B.S. degree in Physical Therapy.

Stroia joined the WTA full-time as a staff Primary Health Care Provider in 1990. Stroia has served on several sport committees, published numerous health articles and gives professional presentations covering a multitude of sports medicine topics. Stroia utilizes her strengths to give back to the community and has coordinated health coverage for sporting events such as the 2012 Olympics, Special Olympics and Arthur Ashe AIDS Foundation fundraising events to name a few.

Stroia was named in Tennis Industry Magazine as one of the “40 under 40” exceptional talents that will bring tennis into the new century and is a 2007 recipient of the prestigious “Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award” presented by the Athletic Trainers Association for making exceptional and unique contributions to the field.

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