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Kirsten Boileau Director of Digital Experience, SAP

Kirsten Boileau is a Director of Digital Experience at SAP. She is responsible for the training, enablement and thought leadership for Social Selling at SAP.

As a member of the Global Marketing team and ten-year veteran of SAP, Kirsten is an expert in social selling, training development, business development and enterprise software sales.

Kirsten has deep expertise in personal branding, LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and was recently ranked #40 on the Top 100 Social Selling Influencers list.

B2B Buyer’s Journey and Social Media Relationships

The buzz: “We doubt anyone ever chose to be a B2B sales rep because it seemed easy.” (Jesse Davis,, “The 20 Best B2B Sales…

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Your Social Selling Journey and Change Management

The buzz: “To thrive in this new age of hyper-change and growing uncertainty, it is now an imperative to learn a new competency — how…

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Social Selling: King Content, Context and the Sales Cycle – Part 2

The buzz: Beyond monarchy. In the late 1990s, Sumner Redstone and Bill Gates declared “Content is king”, which quickly became a mantra for Internet marketers…

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Social Selling: King Content Accelerates the Sales Cycle

The buzz: Thanks, Bill. Thanks, Gary. Bill Gates’ 1996 observation, “Content is king,” quickly became a mantra for Internet marketers and SEO practitioners. Fast forward…

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Social Selling, Social Media and The Law: How’s Your Brand Doing?

The buzz: “We just have a way of getting ourselves into hot water.” (Carl Wilson, The Beach Boys) How Social Selling is conducted and how…

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LinkedIn and Microsoft: The Perfect Storm for Social Selling?

The buzz: Weather at six. Microsoft’s headline-grabbing LinkedIn acquisition announcement was followed immediately by widespread speculation about what this would and could mean for the…

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Social Selling Adoption: How to Make It Happen – Part 2

The buzz: “Trust, but verify.” (Spoken by Ronald Reagan, translated from the Russian proverb, “Doveryai, no proveryai”) Social Selling is real! How do we know?…

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Video and the Social Seller’s Toolkit

The buzz: Viva le Video! The 1978 lyrics of “Video Killed the Radio Star” (The Buggles) conveyed deep concerns about the impact of 20th century…

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Social Selling Adoption: How to Make It Happen

The buzz: “I don’t’ believe it. Prove it to me and I still won’t believe it.” (Douglas Adams) Social Selling is changing the sales industry…

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How Social Selling is Changing the SMB Market

The buzz: The little engine that could. We previously explored how Social Selling is transforming the large enterprise. Today we’ll focus on Social Selling for…

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How Social Selling Is Changing the Large Enterprise

The buzz: The times they are a-changin’. Yes! Social Media has not merely changed the way we buy – but also the way companies sell….

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The Gamification of Social Selling

The buzz: Game Face. Game On! As humans, we all like games. Games enable us to try to be the best at something, whether Scrabble,…

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The Future of Social Selling: 2015 Surprises, 2016 Predictions

The buzz: Stargazing.  Since this series debuted in September 2015, we’ve discussed the state of Social Selling, strategies for a Social Selling program, and Social…

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Social Selling Accountability Metrics: How Are You Doing?

The buzz: Count what counts.  If your company is already on the Social Selling bandwagon, will you be ready to justify the cost and effort…

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Your Social Selling Program: Training and Enablement

The buzz: Reps for reps. “Education is not the learning of the facts, but the training of the mind to think” (Einstein). But 93% of…

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Convincing Your C-Suite to Invest in Social Selling

The buzz: Tell me why.                                                                    MSLGroup reports that 77% of buyers are more likely to purchase from a company whose CEO uses social media….

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The Final Sprint: Closing Strong with Social Selling

The buzz: A race to the finish…!  Time is money. And it’s especially precious in the last quarter of your fiscal year. According to a…

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Is Social Selling Closing the Deal?

The buzz: It’s almost Hallowe’en 2015. Calendar check. If your company is already a third of the way into your 4th quarter, we bet your…

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Social Selling 101: Partners and Social Selling

The buzz: Fred and Ginger.  Partners and social selling – what’s the deal? Many companies use partner channels to access markets, and share resources, to…

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Social Selling: Can You Hear Me?

The buzz: Listen up! Greek philosopher Epictetus’s (55-135 AD) time-honored adage, “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as…

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Social Selling 101: All Aboard!

The buzz: The NBT for Sales?  The term “Sales 2.0” was coined nearly a decade ago by Nigel Edelshain. Soon after, the buzzword “Social Selling”…

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Social Selling – Part 2: The Future of Sales?

The buzz: We’ve Got The Blues! Global WebIndex [] reports that 28% of time spent online – averaging 1.72 hours/day – is on social platforms,…

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Social Selling: Is Your Quota A Click Away?

The buzz: Quota! A 2013 Aberdeen Social Selling study revealed that 64% of sales teams using Social Selling met their quota, compared to 49% who ignored…

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SAP Radio Host

Bonnie D. Graham

A talk radio and cable TV broadcast journalist since 1995, media producer / host Bonnie D. Graham created and launched SAP Coffee Break with Game-Changers Radio in Fall 2011. Since then, she has developed 20 additional themed Game-Changers radio series for SAP. On each episode, Bonnie moderates a panel of thought leaders, practitioners, journalists and / or educators from across the business spectrum and the globe, to share timely technology and strategy insights for businesses of all sizes, industries, geographies, and maturities. Bonnie is on the SAP Editorial Experience / News Services team. Follow her programs on Twitter #SAPRadio.

Connect with Bonnie D. Graham: @bizbreakradio

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