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Michel Sérié Founder, InnoLifters

Michel Sérié is the founder of InnoLifters, a company that will help companies to integrate into their way to operate innovative capabilities, so they better face challenges in a world that expects customer adaptiveness.

In his previous role as Global Head of Service Innovation at SAP, Michel’s team was responsible for finding, evaluating and establishing new ways of doing business by improving the Service concept.

Michel started his career at SAP France in 1989 as a financial consultant. After working as a financial consultant and at Nestlé, he was part of the founding management team of an SAP-owned startup dealing with market places, B2B and Portals. This subsidiary eventually grew to more than 200 employees.

Between 2002 and 2006, Michel set up and ran the European Technology Consulting organisation. Michel graduated with a Bachelor of Science (International Management) from the ESB Business School at the Reutlingen University after his combined studies in France and Germany.

He was born in Paris and has lived in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and France. He is based in Germany.

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SAP Radio Host

Bonnie D. Graham

A talk radio and cable TV broadcast journalist since 1995, media producer / host Bonnie D. Graham created and launched SAP Coffee Break with Game-Changers Radio in Fall 2011. Since then, she has developed 20 additional themed Game-Changers radio series for SAP. On each episode, Bonnie moderates a panel of thought leaders, practitioners, journalists and / or educators from across the business spectrum and the globe, to share timely technology and strategy insights for businesses of all sizes, industries, geographies, and maturities. Bonnie is on the SAP Editorial Experience / News Services team. Follow her programs on Twitter #SAPRadio.

Connect with Bonnie D. Graham: @bizbreakradio

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