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Reuven Gorsht Global Vice President of Customer Strategy, SAP

Reuven Gorsht is a strategy and transformation executive with over 15 years of experience. Reuven’s unconventional views on business and leadership are honed by his passion, and deep experience in strategy, leadership, and organizational culture.

Throughout his career, Reuven has been a catalyst in establishing and scaling new businesses and products.

Most recently, as the Global Vice President of Customer Strategy at SAP, Reuven led the creation and execution of the company’s new Go-to-Market strategy, transforming SAP to a dominant player in Cloud computing. His work on leadership, change and innovation has been featured in leading publications such as Forbes and BusinessWeek.

He further inspires action by speaking at conferences and corporate events around the globe. Reuven holds degrees in Business and Human Resources and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School.


Social Selling: Engaging in the Social Conversation

The buzz: Building blocks. Attention, sales reps: If you (still) believe a LinkedIn profile is all it takes for a positive social brand and reputation,…

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2015 Game-Changers Predictions – Part 2

What’s at the top of your business wish list this holiday season? If you’re hoping for a crystal ball to help you see what 2015…

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Future of Make for Me: Luxury of Customer Centricity – Part 2

Today’s buzz: You – again! Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.(Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, 1849) Early-days “Make for Me” industrialization was humming along until…

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Future of Networked Commerce: Changing How the World Interacts

The buzz: Networks. Over the past 20 years, networks such as B2B, B2C, mobile technology, exchanges, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have changed how we interact…

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Future of Make for Me: The Luxury of Customer Centricity

The buzz: Individuality. Henry Ford is often credited with speeding the transition from a “Make for Me” economy to a mass-produced economy of “any color you…

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SAP Radio Host

Bonnie D. Graham

A talk radio and cable TV broadcast journalist since 1995, media producer / host Bonnie D. Graham created and launched SAP Coffee Break with Game-Changers Radio in Fall 2011. Since then, she has developed 20 additional themed Game-Changers radio series for SAP. On each episode, Bonnie moderates a panel of thought leaders, practitioners, journalists and / or educators from across the business spectrum and the globe, to share timely technology and strategy insights for businesses of all sizes, industries, geographies, and maturities. Bonnie is on the SAP Editorial Experience / News Services team. Follow her programs on Twitter #SAPRadio.

Connect with Bonnie D. Graham: @bizbreakradio

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