Is Your Head in the Cloud Yet? – Part 2

Radiocasts | November 16, 2011 by Bonnie D. Graham

On November 9, our Game-Changers weather forecast predicted prevailing clouds disrupting business as usual in a good way far into the future, with bright stars lighting the cloud-filled skies.

Of course, we were talking about the cloud as in cloud computing – and what it can do for your business – whether you’re a new or mature small, mid-size, or big company.

“Still in the dark,” you say? “Just a lot of hot air,” you protest? “Too nebulous to be real,” you challenge?

Today, our cloud experts will continue their exploration of the game-changing cloudscape: public vs. private cloud; what’s needed for a private cloud and how it can fail; ownership, security, and accessibility of your data in the cloud; whether the cloud always saves costs; road map to a successful cloud journey; and tips for choosing a cloud vendor.

Pour a fresh cup of Joe, Earl, or OJ and join us for food for thought as we look skyward once again to help you get your head in the cloud.

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