Health Wearables – Hype or Revolutionary?

Radiocasts | March 4, 2015 by Bonnie D. Graham

The buzz: Health.

Wearables like wrist bands, watches, glasses, and contact lenses are considered the NBT [Next Big Thing or Next Big Trend].

Why? They can now measure body conditions and use that data to support healthier living, disease prevention, and faster rehab. Despite how promising this sounds, wearables adoption faces several challenges.

Will data privacy concerns make consumers reluctant to share wearables-generated data? Will patients’ lifestyle habits interfere with actively tracking health data long enough to be effective? Are wearables accurate and precise enough to meet medical device quality standards?

The experts speak.

Lynne Dunbrack, IDC Health Insights: “…When the familiar pen-and-paper methods of self-analysis are enhanced by sensors that monitor our behavior automatically, the process of self-tracking becomes both more alluring and more meaningful.” (Gary Wolf)

Greg Reh, Deloitte Consulting: “For a busy doctor, the ability to use email would save more lives than a Fitbit.” (Jeff Tangney)

Joe Miles, SAP: “Connected gadgets that are indistinguishable from their disconnected peers will fuel the growth of wearable technology.” (Roger Bate)

Join us for Health Wearables – Hype or Revolutionary?

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