Here’s Looking at YOU, Kid…and Listening: IoT and CyberCr

Radiocasts | March 3, 2016 by Bonnie D. Graham

The buzz: We see you!

With the Apple vs FBI smartphone privacy dispute grabbing worldwide headlines, have you thought about whether “innocent” objects like phones and Internet-connected “things” are helping hackers, criminals and terrorists virtually infiltrate your home, organization, and government?

We have.

Hear insights from experts on harnessing the good of IoT without inviting in the risks.

The experts speak.                                     

Kent Sanders, TCS: “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.” (Field Marshal Helmuth van Moltke the Elder)

Gray Scott, Futurist: “Resistance is futile.” (Borg, Star Trek)

David Jonker, SAP: “If someone had asked you 10 years ago, ‘Can I plant a device on you that would tell me who you’ve spoken to, what you’re curious about, what books you’ve read, what money you spend…’, you would have said there is no way. But today we line up at the Apple store to pay $800 for such a device because it’s so convenient.” (Rick Smolan)

Join us for Here’s Looking at YOU, Kid…and Listening: IoT and CyberCrime.

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