Hey – It’s YOUR Cloud After All! Peer2Peer Group Networking Communities

Radiocasts | August 2, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: The cloud.

More than just another delivery mechanism for same-old enterprise software, the cloud facilitates peer2peer collaboration at new altitudes, with surprising benefits. Three experts discuss this important game-changer.

Michael Krigsman: “Cloud embodies new relationships and the promise of business and IT finally getting their act together for working in alignment and toward common goals. The cloud brings a technology shift, but also a change in mindset and culture.”

Kare Anderson: “To connect and collaborate, speak sooner to the strongest sweet spot of mutual benefit.”

Sherryanne Meyer: “‘What is REAL?’ asked The Velveteen Rabbit one day… ‘Does it mean having things that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?’ [Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit]. As a long-time active participant in the American SAP Users Group, I can tell you with confidence that your peers are always going to tell you what’s REAL. Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, we all need friends to accompany us on the journey – to solve the problems, to prevent the mishaps, to figure out how to get out of Oz.”

Are you on board yet? Tune in for more insights on It’s YOUR Cloud: Peer2Peer Networking Communities.

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