HR Analytics: Is Your Human Capital Investment Paying Off?

Radiocasts | June 27, 2012 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s the day! You’re hiring a well-vetted, steep-salary C-suite exec and you’re staffing a business-critical new department. Surely your HR folks gave you rock-solid validation for these particular human capital investments. Well, did they?

Bersin and Associates founder Josh Bersin doubts it. “One of the biggest opportunities for HR to drive value in the coming years is talent analytics, but HR teams are absolutely not ready. And the systems vendors aren’t helping much either!”

SuccessFactors’ Peter Howes agrees. “Most HR practitioners have limited ability to interpret workforce analytics and reporting. Interpreting workforce analytics is not taught in university HR courses.”

Wharton Professor Peter Cappelli adds, “Metrics are killing HR because all we’ve come up with are cost items, and we manage what we measure.”

Join us for more of their wisdom on HR Analytics: How’s Your Human Capital Investment Paying Off?

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