HR Tech Update: HCM Evolution

Radiocasts | January 28, 2014 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: HCM. The top tech trends – social media, analytics, cloud, mobility – are transforming the entire HR function, impacting how businesses of all sizes manage their human capital. Is your company resisting these changes or embracing new best practices for HR success? The experts speak.

Paul Khanna, Deloitte: “I was always the greatest when I was fighting for something.” (Muhammad Ali).

Kris Dunn, Kinetix: “640K of Memory should be enough for anybody.” (Bill Gates, circa 1981)

Will Staney, SAP: “’Social recruiting’ has been a buzzword in the recruiting world for quite some time.…When we first started getting into social recruiting, it was overwhelming and time-consuming. All the tools that were piecemeal in the past are now converging, making it easier for recruiters to be social.”

Join us for more of their expert insights on HR Tech Update: HCM Evolution.

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