In-Memory Computing: Making Data Memorable

Radiocasts | December 17, 2013 by Bonnie D. Graham

Today’s buzz: In-memory.

Today, your recipe for a truly intelligent business requires a magic ingredient: data. Lots of it.

But even if you’ve captured the best and fastest data in the world, you still need the right information culture to make use of it whenever, wherever, however you need it.

Good news: Now, in-memory technology allows you to store that information in a flexible, fast-to-access, and affordable way. Ah, can the sweet taste of success be far off?

The experts speak.

Mike D’Urso, Deloitte: “’Keep it as simple as possible but no simpler’. When it comes to Information Technology, we all enjoy systems that are easy to understand and use.”

Holger Mueller, Constellation Research: “In-memory will change enterprise applications as we know them – but it’s no walk in the park.”

Timo Elliott, SAP: “The most sophisticated, easiest-to-use pencil in the world won’t turn anybody into Picasso. Same goes with Big Data.”

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