A Comprehensive View of Personnel Development

Bangalore, IndiaPersonnel development has increasingly become a competitive factor for businesses. It involves interlocking various personnel processes and evaluating a great deal of information. These functions are the strength of IT solutions like mySAP Human Resources, which defines and supports all the relevant processes according to the requirements of comprehensive personnel development. The first part of this article describes how to derive comprehensive personnel development with a requirements profile based upon a company’s goals. The second part of the article describes how mySAP Human Resources supports this process.

Today, the net material value of many organizations constitutes only a portion of their entire value. Immaterial values, such as the knowledge and competence of employees, are a much more significant part of a company’s assets. These values must be won, maintained, and cultivated. To do so, personnel development efforts must be oriented toward a company’s future goals. Companies must find and cultivate not only the best and most competent employees, but also the right ones.

Finding the best and the right employees demands comprehensive consideration of personnel development across an employee’s entire tenure at the company and linking it to the company’s strategic direction. Accordingly, personnel development begins before employees join the company and ends only after they leave it. Personnel development covers four broadly defined development areas: recruitment and integration, education and training, evaluation and compensation, and development and cultivation.

Good Intentions – Good Results?

How can these goals become established in a company? Comprehensive personnel development must consider a great deal of information, including information on the qualifications and competencies of individual employees and the requirements for various positions within the company. This information is important for recruiting, staffing projects, analyzing training needs, or deriving personnel actions related to development. The challenge lies in formatting the information so that it’s always up-to-date, networked, and available to decision makers, as well as in being able to classify it correctly.

The ability to classify information is the strength of integrated HR solutions like mySAP Human Resources (mySAP HR). The interplay of components for organizational management, personnel recruiting and development, and event management supports this approach to personnel development.

Requirements Profiles as the Basis of Comprehensive Personnel Development

Understood in this manner, personnel development is based upon requirements profiles developed from and linked to a company’s goals. The profiles display the current and (above all) future development and educational areas of employees. Only in this way can personnel development serve as a vehicle for transporting a company’s strategic goals and culture.

Along with deriving specific tasks from a company’s goals and departmental needs, requirements profiles must also contain the resulting qualifications, personal competencies, and responsibilities of employees that apply to their daily work. Accordingly, profiles contain information on the following:

  • The goals of the position
  • The tasks of the position
  • The qualifications and personal competencies required to perform these tasks successfully
  • The criteria for evaluating existing requirements (perhaps divided into basic, routine, user, and expert knowledge)
  • The definition of the intended characteristics of individual requirements and competencies

mySAP HR can map the organizational structure and the requirements profile for a given department using components for organizational management and personnel development. Qualifications and competencies are collected into a catalog, which is available throughout the organization. The organizational management component can map a position’s goals, tasks, and responsibilities.

Regardless of how effectively the components of mySAP HR work together, the SAP solution is a tool that internally displays the overall context and the connections between various affects and that links information, such as individual qualification deficits or development plans. Ultimately, the design of comprehensive personnel development can be made a reality only with defined processes and trained managers.