The only positive thing I can think of in this uncertain time is the wonderful opportunity that I received from SAP and starting a new journey that would help me grow my career in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

The day I received the call from “Rojina” and was informed that I was shortlisted for the role was the most exciting moment for me. I was hopeful but also super nervous knowing how huge the organization is and wondered if I would be able to get through the hiring process.

Hope and confidence grew in me after speaking to “Rojina”, my hiring recruiter from SAP. She was very friendly, helpful as well as detailed about the hiring process and also guided me throughout. After all interviews and discussions, my happiness knew no bounds as I was all set to start this journey.

As the days passed, I could only be amazed by how supporting the hiring team was despite the global pandemic taking over our lives and everything, and being remote as we all are confined to our homes. The on-boarding team understood the difficulties I could face and provided the solutions even before I began worrying for the reasons above and ensured that I had a seamless on-boarding experience. The Pre-start Portal, a one-stop shop for all new joiners, gave me a much needed head start in this recruiting journey. Also, there were multiple sessions with the IT-team to setup my virtual access.

Now that the on-boarding is done, I will strive to live up to expectations and start my journey with all the vigour and zeal in my work and be a true SAPian.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my team and managers for making sure that my hiring journey is smooth sailing even though we are in the midst of a global pandemic, when many others are navigating uncertainty instead.