RISE with SAP – A “Concierge Service” to the Intelligent Enterprise


Change has always been an integral part of business, but today’s environment forces us to deal with change – both good and bad – faster than ever before.

New technologies are changing how we live and work, and COVID-19, climate change, and geopolitical tensions expose how fragile our world truly is. This is why SAP is launching RISE with SAP. A first-of-a-kind Business Transformation-as-a-Service offering that will be launched via an exclusive virtual event on 16th March at 12.30 pm.

According to KPMG, a full 72% of businesses have now resorted to disrupting their own sectors just to survive. Only an ‘Intelligent Enterprise’ is equipped to thrive in today’s complex and rapidly evolving business landscape. But undertaking such a transformational journey can be understandably daunting, which is precisely why this exclusive SAP offering seeks to simplify, demystify, and accelerate the process.

RISE with SAP® is a comprehensive, on-your-terms and on-your-timeline transformation to the Intelligent Enterprise. Aptly described as the first ever “concierge service to the Intelligent Enterprise,” it responds to the need for a simplified, flexible, holistic pathway that is fully accompanied every step of the way. It bundles together under the same roof the tools, guidance and support systems needed to become truly fit for the future.


RISE with SAP brings together and mobilizes the very best of its people, skills, and expertise across both industry and technology, to blaze new trails by endowing businesses with a cohesive an holistic strategy for charting their own unique course – regardless of whether they are currently using a legacy ERP, deploying an on-premises version of SAP S/4HANA® or just starting out on their ERP journey.

Together with SAP’s strong ecosystem, RISE with SAP empowers businesses chart their course to business transformation, in three simple steps:

  1. Business Process Redesign

    • Business process intelligence to analyze how current processes perform, give tailored recommendations, and benchmark them against industry standards
  2. Technical Migration

    • Tools and services from SAP to support the complete journey that can be augmented by SAP’s strong ecosystem
  3. Building an Intelligent Enterprise

    • The infrastructure of choice to benefit from IaaS capabilities without data and system lock-in
    • SAP Business Technology Platform to easily complement, extend, and integrate with any SAP, partner, or a third-party solution, using the same data model and business services as SAP applications.
    • SAP S/4HANA Cloud to be agile and responsive – not only at the edges but also at the core
    • Unified access to the world’s largest business network including SAP’s supplier, logistics, and asset intelligence networks to foster cross-company connectivity and collaboration


With a single offer on a single contract with a single company responsible for the service-level agreement, operations, and issue handling. RISE with SAP delivers a simpler, swifter, more seamless and better supported pathway to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. All without high upfront investments, but with a reduced TCO, fast time to value, and the flexibility needed in a world that keeps moving faster and faster.

Here’s what you can get:

  • A future-proof business fit for handling tomorrow’s changes.
  • Accelerated outcomes with a fast time to value.
  • 20% lower TCO than traditional on-premises ERP deployments – including the one-time migration cost over five years.

As a trusted partner of businesses, SAP has been working alongside customers and partners, helping them to stay ahead of their competition. Let us now accompany you in navigating your unique journey to transform your business and enable you to rise to every challenge.

SAP India is launching this offering via an exclusive virtual event on 16th March at 12.30 pm. Click here to register for the launch and get full access to RISE with SAP.