Imagine a single, progressive platform that brings together the brightest minds across industries and backgrounds to discuss the infinite possibilities of tomorrow. This idea was brought to life with the inception of SAP Industry Knowledge Exchange.

Commenting on the initiative, Subramanian Ananthapadmanabhan, SVP, MidMarket, SAP APJ worded it best: “The systems of innovation, the people that matter, they’re not situated in just one organization. How can we get all of them together in a single room under the umbrella of an industry council to discuss, debate, analyze and come up with solutions for the problems we can’t see today, problems that could come a few years later? If we can have those answers, we can be ready to take on the future. That was the genesis of the SAP Industry Knowledge Exchange.”

When the most innovative minds across industries come together to discuss a brighter tomorrow, nothing is truly impossible. Understanding the need for such eye-opening conversations between our leaders, SAP Industry Knowledge Exchange (IKEX) serves as a powerful, collaborative platform that enables the exchange of knowledge and futuristic ideas.

The recent SAP IKEX Summit saw leaders and innovators from digital natives and unicorns, manufacturing, CPG and life sciences congregate to share, learn and grow. Much of these discussions were centered around India’s ‘Amrit Kaal’ and the collective efforts we can make to shape the India of tomorrow. Topics such as accelerated digitization across industries, the need for sustainable approaches, managing supply chain disruptions and adopting customer-centricity were highlights of the summit.

How enterprises can use the power of big data to accelerate growth

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How enterprises can use the power of big data to accelerate growth

While, SAP Industry Knowledge Exchange is a collaborative platform designed to enable the exchange of knowledge and deep dive into industry-specific ideas and initiatives, the summit served as an incredible platform for open discussion for the most influential leaders, innovators and decision-makers across our industries. With a plethora of vibrant ideas, experiences, strategies and industry standards being shared amongst members, this summit helped us create essential industry networks to build the India of tomorrow. By nurturing collaboration across enterprises and industries, we can usher in a new age of progress, growth and harmony in our country.

Joining hands for this initiative alongside SAP and Mint were also organizations such as Amazon Web Services, Tech Mahindra, CII, Team Viewer, DXC Technology and the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance.

To learn more about the initiative and to become a member of the thought leadership community, visit the official website at SAP Industry Knowledge Exchange and play a role in building India, growing your network and being an agent of technological transformation! By becoming a member of the SAP Industry Knowledge Exchange, you can get access to insights, resources, events, interact and network with thought leaders, and industry veterans.

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