IoT and Mining: Revolutionizing the Industry

Radiocasts | February 11, 2015 by Bonnie D. Graham

The buzz: Mining

For years, we’ve used “mining” as a metaphor for digging through, analyzing, and finding value in Big Data. Now, with the mining industry undergoing an IoT revolution, we can apply the term to its namesake industry.

How soon will mining companies and suppliers “mine” data flowing from sites and equipment to improve safety productivity, profitability?

The experts speak.

Mark Leach, Cameco: “IoT holds many as yet undiscovered uses, benefits and opportunities, but also many obstacles and dangers to be navigated, mitigated and managed. Just because we can record and measure everything, doesn’t mean we should.”

Steve Fiscor, E&MJ and Coal Age: “As mining engineers and metallurgists begin to fully embrace the IoT concept, they will test it geographically and on a size and scale most would find hard to imagine.”

Ruediger Schroedter, SAP: “Today IoT is a buzzword, but tomorrow it will make Star Trek technology look old.”

Join us for IoT and Mining: Revolutionizing the Industry.

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