Reader’s Choice: Top Articles June 2011

Feature Article | July 5, 2011 by Daniel Hardt


Number 5: Preview: EHP 5


Although it is not yet officially available, gives you a sneak preview of what enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0 has to offer.

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Number 4: App generator: SAP NetWeaver Gateway


Creating apps and sending SAP data anywhere – that’s what SAP NetWeaver Gateway is designed for. The standalone version, set for release in Q2 2011, uses (Web) standards and enables developers to use their own native environments.

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Number 3: Partner Apps Show and Tell


When it comes to unwiring the enterprise, SAP partners are on the front lines. They’re delivering loads of mobile apps that carry out vital tasks, from purchase order approval to business analytics. We explore five apps in detail.

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Number 2: Best Business Apps for iPad


There’s no denying that tablet PCs like the iPad are destined to become well and truly rooted in the business world and smart apps are slated to replace conventional software. We took a look at apps for day-to-day business use.

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Number 1: Top 10 Business Apps for iPad


Customer presentations, directions and schedule planning, e-mail and contact management, ERP access – iPad is becoming the business world’s Swiss army knife. Here, we present some of the best apps for your daily work.

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