Building Business Value: When Passion for People Development Meets the Flexibility of Cloud

Italian SAP partner, ALLOS, was founded with a mission to improve people and talent development, but not, as you may expect, in the realm of Human Capital Management (HCM).

The ALLOS team was committed to making training more efficient and enabling greater employee engagement and it was this commitment to linking individuals’ performance to business success that fuelled the company’s evolution to become a leading HCM company.

Passionate about people, Rosario Troise CEO at ALLOS sought to demonstrate that when organizations truly engaged with their people, the direct and positive impact on company performance was considerable. This led to many discussions between Troise and HR leaders around the need for HCM to be viewed in a new light; that HR’s ability to move from an operational role to a strategic advisory role hinged on its adoption of the principle that ‘employee engagement = positive business impact’. But what’s the starting point for such change?

As Troise comments, “Creating organizational change with a ‘big bang’, can mean ‘big disruption’. Determining the best technology to help make a strong HCM vision into reality, starts with deciding the speed at which you can manage that change.”

That is in part why Troise is so passionate about Cloud. “The best possible scenario is to change as you go, not aim to develop a complex model over a long period, but instead design a Simple Start, use the software and improve. In other words, use all the flexibility cloud brings to achieve the vision over time”.
Avoiding the need to ‘rip & replace’, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is a complete, standards-based, Cloud platform that can be deployed in organizations at a chosen pace, adapting to changing business needs. This brings an unprecedented level of control to HR leaders, not least because the ability to evolve the model over time means that it has the benefit of continuous improvement.

Troise added, “It is painful to see those organisations that are still on an older version of the solution don’t realise they also have this flexibility but are not receiving the right advice from their partner. That means they are not benefiting from capabilities that would enable them to be more agile and responsive and benefit from the strategic role that HCM can play within a business”.

With such a drive for customer value it is no surprise ALLOS is an SAP gold partner. Under Troise’s strong leadership, ALLOS continues to co-innovate with SAP. The most recent development is a synthesis of all ALLOS’ global experience put into a tool called Talento. Put simply, it is a new type of methodology enabling companies to go live within 1 or 2 iterations.

“SAP has been a strong sponsor of this effort which has made a huge difference, already delivering projects 50% faster at 30% of the costs,” added Troise.

When IT is a business partner but not the buyer, these stats are even more important. Increasingly HCM solutions are being purchased independently from IT.

Distell, Africa´s top producer of alcoholic beverages, has deployed SAP SuccessFactors solutions, and Neil Greybe Distell’s HR Transformation program manager, comments that “Of course do your homework on how Cloud can work for you, not if it will work for you; thousands of businesses are already using it, so don’t get into analysis paralysis for 2 years” adding that “instead of spending money researching, spend it on change management and working with the employees to help the speed of adoption.”

The Simple start approach was very successful for ‘wellness company’, Technogym, where they invested time to define the ‘right data’ so that the HR team could create a simple and effective dashboard-based user experience. This innovation and leadership has meant that KPIs, cost projections and other trends are fast and easy to collate, driving more informed and effective decision-making.

So, what is next for ALLOS?

“We are investing heavily in the MENA region. Together with the SAP team we are making great plans and building great teams, adding great value!” concludes Troise, whose passion for marrying HCM and Cloud to place talent at the centre of business innovation is simply infectious.




Join ALLOS’ CEO, Rosario Troise at SAP SuccessConnect, June 12-14, London



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