Ten Bright Sparks – Meet the 1BL Finalists

One Billion Lives – SAP’s lighthouse social entrepreneurship program started by Executive Board member Adaire Fox-Martin during her tenure as APJ president – went global in 2018 with over 2,000 colleagues taking part in demo days in every SAP location and nearly 400 submissions in total.

Those 400 submissions were narrowed down to 10 finalist teams, who spent three weeks in Potsdam at the SAP.iO incubator receiving mentoring and training as they honed their ventures.

Adaire took a day out of her busy schedule to spend mentoring the teams. In tight pitch and feedback rounds, each of the 10 finalists benefitted from her response to their project ideas.

“Technology is never independent of people and process, but to scale from idea to reality, it also needs passion and purpose,” Adaire said.

To see Adaire’s engagement with the teams, watch the video here. You can also read Adaire’s impressions of the day in her blog.

Next week, one team will be chosen by the SAP.iO Venture Studio for seed funding to become a business with an outsized impact on business and society.

“Having watched our 1BL finalists from 2016 and 2017 become real businesses changing the lives of many, I am more than excited to see what happens when we decide which of the 2018 sparks we will fund for future success,” Adaire said. Watch this space!

1BL finalists 2018 – with Executive Board member Adaire Fox-Martin and SAP Chief Innovation Officer, Juergen Mueller






1m Jobs – Education and bridging platform for unemployed and underemployed segments of society (EMEA S)
(From left to right) Paige Aarts (left), Judith Chimudzi (right). Not pictured: Michael Pittelkow, Goutam Dev, Simon Carpenter, Paige Dos Santos, Kwena Mabotja, Tshepo Mahloko, Lindiwe Twala.






BeHappy  – Digitised Relationship Management(GC)
(From left to right) Alan Tan, Krystal Yu. Not pictured: Jacky Cheng, Xingtian Shi, John Jiao, Allen Gong






Co-Pro –
B2B Responsible procurement & raw material provenance (MEE)
(From left to right) Adrian Villanueva (BASF), Vikram Nagendra. Not pictured: Katharina Zierdt, Nicola Leske






Rapid Disaster Response (NA) – Simplified Needs analysis and response collaboration platform
(From left to right) Jad Kawwa, Drew Birtwistle. Not pictured: Tony Li, Aisha Safeer, Asif Pradhan, Anthony Servito






Run Lives (LAC) – Food waste reduction and rescue application for upstream manufacturers and wholesalers
(From left to right) Antonio Teixeira, Michelle Correa. Not pictured: Paulo Z., Adriana Aguiar, Eliane Demitry, Valeria Soska






Argus – ML-enabled imaging pre/diagnosis (GC)
(From left to right) Crystal Dai, Cyrano Chen, Zion Chen. Not pictured Oscar Xiao, Daisy Shao, Camile Zhou, Hui Kang, Carol Shi, Flat Chen, Holly Yuan






Autism360 – ML-enabled companion app for digitized treatment (MEE)
(From left to right) Ivan Poliksha, Anton Nozdrin. Not pictured: Dmitry Antonenko, Daria Alekseeva, Maria Yastrebova






CliR (formally Speed up fight against cancer) – Simplified clinical trials platform (EMEA N)
(From left to right) Jean-Luc Terree, Alexandra Begue. Not pictured: Charlotte Glenat, Nicolas Lunet, Karim Tadjene, Milly Addae, Bertrand Lamy






Pay Equity (EMEA N) – ML-enabled compensation tool to empower managers to identify and remedy bias
(From left to right) Lyndal Hagar, Jenngang Shih. Not pictured: Ritesh Chopra






Sens (EMEA S), formerly Be-in-Mother – Application supporting the onboarding and transition of women in and out of the workforce
(From left to right) Cristina Antelo, Pilar Navarro. Not pictured: Belen Martinez, Jorge Perez, Ruben Cid, David Yanez






The full cohort!