SAP Japan Reinforces Developer Support and Software Vendor Program to Achieve Penetration of ESA

Certification Program for Applications Running On SAP NetWeaver Reinforced

TokyoSAP Japan Co., Ltd. today announced the reinforcement of its platform ecosystem, in order to achieve steady penetration of SAP’s business-driven, service-oriented architecture ESA (Enterprise Service Architecture) in the Japanese market.

Since SAP advocated ESA, the definition of a platform has changed, from an OS and database on which applications run, to an environment that rapidly deploys differentiated business processes. In line with such changes, in addition to the conventional collaborative business model centered on partners that install applications, a new collaborative model, where solutions are developed on the SAP platform, has increased in importance.

This July, SAP Japan started SAP Developer Network (SDN), a community site for developers, consultants, and system managers. In addition, while maintaining the current interface certification program, Certified for SAP NetWeaver, SAP Japan aims to bolster its platform collaboration program, Powered by SAP NetWeaver, creating an ecosystem for implementing ESA. Through this means, SAP Japan will work toward further improvement in business processes as an issue common to the ecosystem overall, providing customers with solutions having even higher value.

Start of Japanese version of SAP Developer Network community site

In July 2005, SAP Japan opened a Japanese version (http://www.sdn.sap.com/sdn/japan.sdn) of SAP Developer Network (SDN), SAP’s online community site for developers, consultants, and system managers. SDN was set up by numerous software engineers working with, for example, Java, .Net, and SAP’s own development language ABAP, to make SAP NetWeaver platform-independent. SDM membership is basically free of charge. It enables people to 1) obtain and share the latest technical details regarding SAP products, primarily the SAP NetWeaver technology platform and SAP composite applications; 2) access resources, such as development tools, e-learning materials (tutorials), sample programs, and evaluation versions; and 3) take part in dialog with people responsible for SAP products and information exchange among developers via forums and blogs. As of September, SDN had 3,000 registered members in Japan. Membership is still increasing, and is expected to reach 20,000 by the end of 2006. SDN lowers the entry threshold for taking part in SAP product development, enabling new applications to be developed quickly.

Currently, evaluation versions of SAP NetWeaver components, which are usable for 180 days, are available for downloading.

Powered by SAP NetWeaver, a partner collaboration program that enables new collaboration with SAP

SAP Japan will strengthen its software vendor collaboration program Powered by SAP NetWeaver for the Japanese market beginning in October 2005. The open program, which certifies the operability of partner products on SAP NetWeaver, supports a wide range of software including J2EE and .Net applications. Through the program, SAP Japan will provide technical support to software vendors to certify their products and will certify products that are acknowledged to run on the SAP platform. In addition, SAP Japan will provide certification vendors and products with numerous marketing opportunities to allow them to take advantage of the Powered by SAP NetWeaver brand. The company plans to increase the number of certified vendors to more than 100 by year-end 2006. Incidentally, SAP Japan will continue to offer Certified for NetWeaver, a program to certify interface products between SAP and partner products (1:1 data linkage based on SAP’s unique standards such as ALE and IDOC).

In Japan, 16companies have been certified as Powered by SAP NetWeaver vendors as of October 6, 2005.

Enterprise Service Forum to be held for software vendors

SAP Japan will hold an SAP Enterprise Service Forum for the first time in Japan at SAP Japan Pacific on the 31st floor of the Otemachi Tokyo Sankei Building in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, on October 25. During the forum, the company will introduce participating software vendors to the significance and direction of SAP ESA, explain how to join ESA, and discuss Powered by SAP NetWeaver program strategies and possible advantages to the participants. For further information on the SAP Enterprise Service Forum, please visit http://www.sap.com/japan/company/events/.

Collaboration with software vendors at SAP TechED ’05 Tokyo
SAP Japan plans on joint marketing with software vendors of Powered by SAP NetWeaver certified products at SAP TechED ’05, a developers’ event scheduled for October 26 and 27. The company will set up booths for Powered by SAP NetWeaver and SDN, and introduce products of partner companies that have newly joined the programs. For further information on SAP TechED ’05, please visit http://www.sap.com/japan/teched/.

About SAP Japan
SAP Japan, established in 1992, is the Japanese subsidiary of SAP AG, the world’s leading provider of business software solutions. SAP solutions are already used by more than 1,300 corporate groups in Japan alone, making far-reaching contributions to the IT progress, international competitiveness, and corporate value of Japanese businesses.
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